Northern-Star Records hits the ground running with their first release of the year - Daydreamer, the outstanding debut album from Youngteam.


Daydreamer is the debut album from Youngteam and the first full length band release on Northern Star Records.  Recorded mostly live with top Swedish producer Mattias Glava (Dungen, Håkan Hellström, Soundtrack of our lives) at the helm, Daydreamer is a dark, stark, unsettling beauty of a record.  Daydreamer is their "Unknown Pleasures."


Starting out as a musical collective in their native Stockholm, Sweden, Youngteam's evolution has seen them go from 2 full time members with a rotating cast on their debut EP Missnosjesbandet to a fully settled 4 piece band.  Youngteam have previously featured a number of significant musicians in their ranks including Anna Järvinen (previously associated with Granada and Dungen) who is now a successful solo artist in her own right. Anna Järvinen has gone on to have success in her native Finland and Sweden achieving a top ten album.  The band also feature members of Penti and Speedmarket Avenue.


Youngteam have featured prominently on Northern Star's legendary Psychedelica compilation series alongside the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Singapore Sling, The Telescopes, The Hiss, The Electric Soft Parade, The Nova Saints, The December Sound and many others.  Their music recalls a whole host of greats such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, Sonic Flower Groove - era Primal Scream and Brian Jonestown Massacre, but like all great bands, Youngteam transcend their influences and arrive at their own unique sound. There is no better description of their music than the album title itself 'Daydreamer' with its skyscraping guitars and lyrics that evoke lazy summer days and refer to being lost in a dream. Despite the apparent darkness of the overall album, in Daydreamer Youngteam provide more than their fair share of perfect pop moments to keep you returning again and again.





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