London's First Gay Tourist Office Opens

London has more LGBT visitors than any other city in the world and that there are more members of the LGBT community living in London than anywhere else in Europe

The Gay Tourist Office, opening October 22nd, will be the first and only dedicated, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender visitor centre in London. It will also be a vital resource for London's LGBT residents.
The centre will have a full and part time staff to guide, direct and advise. They will all have received training on LGBT issues, have first-hand experience of all that London has to offer and be able provide all the latest news and recommendations.

The idea is the brainchild of Ku Bar owner Gary Henshaw and project manager Shaun Newport.

Shaun says "The majority of the time LGBT travellers have the same needs as straight travellers, what we want to do is provide that extra bit of inside knowledge that can help LGBT people when in another country.

"You may be Gay, Spanish and Catholic and looking for a gay friendly Catholic Church, we would be able to help you in a way that many more mainstream tourist offices wouldn't."


Visitors and residents can come into the office to find info on hotels and travel services, LGBT magazines and brochures, news on nightlife, community events, charities and volunteering opportunities.  Centre staff will also be able to offer sexual health info, the lowdown on arts and cultural events and give relevant maps and guides.  ANd it doesn't end there, there's alaptop hub and bar too.

As well as all the latest on gay London there will be general tourist information specific to London and supporting LGBT work around the country.

Whether you have lived in London for a lifetime or have just stepped off the tube for the first time, the Gay Tourist Office team wants to show that London's exciting LGBT life is the best in the world.  It's not just about Pride London, there's The London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, sports, arts, charity fundraisers, health courses, workshops and educational courses, shopping, leisure events and clubbing so it is important for all the information to be found in one place.
The Gay Tourist Office will be a hub for the LGBT community and focus the world's eyes on the freedoms and the rich, diverse, deep and wide-ranging people, services and lifestyles to be found in the city.

The Gay Yourist Office is based in Soho at 30 Lisle Street, WC2H (above Ku Bar, behind the Vue Cinema and within view of the Leicester Square tube station) and will be open Monday - Saturday from 12pm to 6pm.

Find out more by visiting www.gaytouristoffice.co.uk

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