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Scott Vittorelli - The Asteroid #4. Nuclear Bunker Discs.

Guardian of The Bunker

Hail to The Asteroid #4...

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Moonbell - Figurine E.P

TinCan TV

Like most things, there is an opposite. A good and bad. A beautiful side and an ugly side. Light and dark. Lost and found. Together and apart. Grounded and floating. Same could be said for emotions....

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The Phoenix Experiment.

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Endings, beginnings, we wanted to know more...we caught up with Mike Bee from The Phoenix Experiment late last night. We know them well, we think you should take a closer look too...

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The Hallucinatory Art of Natty Brooker

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Natty Brooker was reponsible for much of the enduring imagery related to the music that came from Spacemen3 and the early incarnation of Spiritualized. He introduced Peter Kember and Jason Pierce to blues and gospel He played drums on the first spacemen 3 album, "The Sound of Confusion", and also on "Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to".

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Echotone - A Documentary.

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Internationally known as 'The Live Music Capital of the World,' Austin's music culture has led it to become one of the world's most sought-after destinations. As nearly two dozen high-rises pop up throughout the city amidst economic downfall, how does the working musician get along? Find out a little more & download the soundtrack below...

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Nick Noble - Nuclear Bunker Discs.

Guardian of The Bunker

93MillionMilesFromTheSun are:- Nick Noble (guitars/effects/vocals) & Rob Hogg (bass/effects). This has always been the core of the band & is supplemented by drums & extra guitars when playing live. The album 93 Million Miles From The Sun is available direct from Parallax Sounds. Combining layered, textured guitars over an array of effects and choral vocals, 93 Million Miles From The Sun is one of those records that, while evoking memories of the likes of Slowdive in their heyday or even a more sonically enhanced Maps, stands tall and proud in its own right due to the dazzling range of variation across its thirteen tracks. Another key element of 93MillionMilesFromTheSun's extensive make-up is that not only do they express a desire to take their sonic experimentation one step further, but they also never lose sight of the fact that beneath all the reverb and delay lay actual songs that would sound just as affecting stripped down. They get their name from a Swervedriver b-side. They both create amazing shoegazing rock and they sound like a shoegazing Mogwai with bits of early Verve, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Loop, Slowdive, ect... 93MillionMilesFromTheSun are popular worldwide and are now one of the best leading shoegaze bands out there becoming big favourites with people especially in the shoegazing scene. 93MillionMilesFromTheSun have achieved number 15 in John Peel's Festive Top 50 of 2010, they have released an exclusive track on the "Secret Garden - The New Wave of Shoegaze (Nugaze)" compilation album along with other artists like Ulrich Schnauss and The Fauns. Recently completed is the new album Northern Sky, which is due out this summer & the band are currently preparing to play the new songs live. Nick Noble gave us a little of his time in between rehearsing & soundproofing a new studio to pick his 5. Under duress I might add - we had to force him to choose just 5: "There's too many albums i couldn't live without. I've only scratched the surface with this..."

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Night Beats.

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